My Personal Philosphy of Education (Last Updated Fall 2014)

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I believe that the teacher’s role in a classroom is to be the mentor and educator. Teachers are there to educate their students, but also to be there as a support system for their students. Teachers can be an extra set of ears or someone to talk to, someone to go to for guidance, or someone to lean on when you need help. I want my students to feel comfortable enough to come to me with concerns. I had good relationships with teachers in high school, and it really enhanced my experiences in those classes. Feeling comfortable with teachers makes it easier to ask questions, and get help. It makes students feel more at ease so they can learn better.

My goals for my future students, is that they learn about art, and gain some appreciation for it. Many kids take art classes simply because they are required, and don’t care. I want to help those students to gain some appreciation, and see how much work really goes into art. I want to open their eyes and gain some art lovers. When I was a student aide for my art teacher in high school, I saw the football team’s quarterback go from being very indifferent about art, to excited for his projects. Even though it wasn’t me that caused that, it was really inspiring to see that process. For those students that already enjoy art, I want to challenge them to improve and learn to think more abstractly about art and what it is.

As an Art teacher, I also want to encourage my students to follow their passions. I want to be able to tell students that they can follow their dreams and succeed if they want it bad enough. As a student who did well in most school subjects but didn’t feel passionate about any “academic” subjects, I know how terrifying it can be to be enthusiastic about something that isn’t considered in our society, to be a safe career choice. I want to encourage my students to take risks, because being happy and successful doesn’t mean you have to take the “safe way” and possibly end up regretting it. I hope to become the best teacher I can be, because that is what students deserve.

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