Source, St. Louis Artists’ Guild

There is power to be found in moments of quiet, and stillness. “Source” showcases times that have held my attention.

Each piece begins with an excitement about a specific formal quality, a shape of light, a hint of color, repetition of form, or a composition of layered spaces. They are quiet, crisp, orderly, and controlled representations of places around my home executed at an intimate scale in acrylic on panel.

Light and color are constantly shifting around us and act as a reminder of the present moment, if we pause to observe it. Light that briefly touches a spot, shadows that stretch and disappear within minutes, and surprises of color reflecting from unknown sources catch my attention and my vision narrows.

I idealize the scene through a distillation of form, removal of imperfections, and heightening of contrast. These compositional and design changes extend the brevity of the moment and hold the viewer in the space before you snap back into seeing every detail.

Source” encourages the viewer to slow down and recognize that these moments can be found within their own worlds.